10 Reasons Never to Promote Your Firm Based on Search Rankings

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Be sure about your search ranking
before telling the world to check!

After spending the better part of the past five years in the Internet marketing / online advertising field, I still get a good laugh out of visiting a website and reading that they rank “number 1” for a given search term, only to find that they no longer hold that position. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my reasons for never using search rankings as a sales pitch.

#1 You May Look Like an Idiot

That’s right, if you tell the world that you rank for a search term and hold a specific position, but you don’t have that position when checked, you either look like an idiot or a liar (or both). Either way, it doesn’t look good.

#2 You May Not Know How to Properly Check Your Rank

The best laugh is when the business provides a screenshot of their ranking accomplishment, which also shows that they are logged-in to Google. Log-out and try again! If you don’t know, now you know.

#3 You May Get Called Out

I recently saw a YouTube video for an Internet marketing firm that claimed to rank “number 1” for a geo-targeted, industry-related term, and directly below the video is an unfriendly comment from the marketing firm that actually held the top rank. Maybe it’s time to remove the video?

#4 You May Send a Potential Customer Elsewhere

What happens when a potential customer / client leaves your website to check your claims only to discover another business’ web-listing? You just lost some business is what.

#5 You May Find No One Really Cares

Knowing how to check the competitiveness of a ranking position for a search term, I sometimes do. I also sometimes find that people proclaim their rank for a search term that no one else is trying to optimize for. If you’re going to brag, try not to drop a long-tail on us.

#6 You May Not Know How to Explain Your Rank

Several years ago, a major competitor of ours invited our team to meet with him in Southern California to find out how we dominated the search rankings in just over a year for the industry both our companies were competing in. In good faith, we met with him and told him how we did it (for the most part!). How will you explain your rank, if asked to go into detail? Don’t say it magically happened!

#7 You May Inspire a Competitor to Take Your Rank from You

I’ll have to be honest, every once in a while I like to take a ranking position from someone who doesn’t deserve it. Yeah it’s not always a great use of my time, but I find fun in it! Don’t encourage others to compete for your search rankings.

#8 You May Be Wasting Your Time

If your ranking positions are constantly changing, which as we know they often do, you have to take the time to update your site. Obviously a move upwards in ranking might be worth the effort, but if you’re rank is moving south, do you really want to make that update? Time is money.

#9 You May Be Wasting Your Visitor’s Time

If you’re boasting about a search ranking position, you’re also asking your website visitors to check for themselves. Even if you hold the ranking position that you claim to, why give your visitors work to do? Keep it simple, don’t ask for them to confirm your own claims, seek a more positive interaction.

#10 You May Find Your Claims are Part of a Collage and/or Mash-up of Similar False Claims

What would happen if someone published your mistakes on a website you have no control over? Even if you quickly take down the false claims on your own website, it may already be too late! Hurry, act quick!

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