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Arizona SEO Company : Phoenix Online Media

Phoenix Online Media is an Arizona search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) firm that provides online advertising and marketing solutions for business owners in Arizona. If you are a small to medium size business owner in Arizona, take your company to the next level and leave your competition in the dust with an internet marketing plan that is certain to increase your online exposure and drive highly targeted customers to your website.

Our services for Arizona business owners include: internet marketing, website design and development, local optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and reputation management.

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Largest Cities in Arizona by Population

  1. Phoenix – During the 1960s and ‘70s, Phoenix was perceived as an attractive place to live…
  2. Tucson – Tucson is a city rich in history, dating back nearly 12,000 years to the Paleo-Indians…
  3. Mesa – The first known settlers in the Mesa area were the Hohokam about 2,000 years ago…
  4. Chandler – Chandler’s townsite office was first opened in 1912 by Dr. Alexander John…
  5. Glendale – One of the earliest settlers in Glendale was William H. Bartlett, a fruit farmer…
  6. Scottsdale – Not many Scottsdale residents realize that when their city was first inhabited…
  7. Gilbert – William “Bobby” Gilbert is credited for founding the town of Gilbert in 1902…
  8. Tempe – In 1879 a pioneer named Darrell Duppa gave Tempe its name, after comparing the Salt River…
  9. Peoria – In the late 1800s, a group of settlers viewed what is now known as Peoria as a…
  10. Surprise – Flora Mae Statler founded the city of Surprise in 1938, and as the story goes, she once…
  11. Yuma – Native American tribes first settled in the Yuma area over 500 years ago; today, descendants…
  12. Flagstaff
  13. Avondale
  14. Goodyear
  15. Lake Havasu City
  16. Buckeye
  17. Maricopa
  18. Oro Valley
  19. Arizona History

    SEO / SEM in Navajo Nation Arizona

    Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau named after the
    collection of sandstone buttes, the largest of which is estimated to
    be 1,000 ft (300 m) above the desert valley floor.

    Not many Arizona residents realize that shortly after WWII the development of air conditioning is what brought the first big wave of inhabitants to the state. Many would argue that air conditioning made living in the warmest areas of the state bearable. The Arizona Blue Book, an annual publication by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, reports that in 1910, the population was just shy of 295,000; however, by the end of the 1960s, the population jumped to an estimated 1,750,000. The average growth rate per decade in the ‘20s, ‘30s, and much of the ‘40s was roughly 20%, while in the latter decades, the growth rate averaged upwards of 60%.

    Prior to the First World War, it was cotton farming and copper that were the state’s most important textiles and commodities. However, these industries suffered greatly thanks to the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. During this time Arizona managed to evolve into a tourist hotspot. Dude ranches in Wickenburg and Tucson attracted a great deal of tourists, many from the east coast, seeking an “old west” adventure. The rise in tourism in turn increased the demand for upscale hotels and resorts, giving rise to the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, which opened in 1929, and the Wigwam Resort in the west Phoenix area, which opened in 1936.

    Arizona Geography

    Located in the Southwestern region of the continental United States, Arizona is also one of the states that makes up the Four Corners. The state is comprised of 113,998 square miles (295,000 km²), 15% of which is privately owned. The remaining area is public forest area and park land, Native American reservations, and state trust land.

    Arizona is notoriously known for being a desert region with an abundance of cactus; however, much of the north-central state’s region, including Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, and Prescott, is pine-covered. Central and Southern Arizona typically experiences very hot summers, upwards of 115°F (46°C), and mild winters, around 50°F (10°C).

    Arizona Education

    Local Optimization / PPC in Arizona
    Arizona State University (ASU)
    Sports Team: Sun Devils
    Campus Locations: Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa

    Northern Arizona University (NAU)
    Sports Team: Lumberjacks
    Campus Locations: Flagstaff, Yuma

    University of Arizona (UofA)
    Sports Team: Wildcats
    Campus Locations: Tucson, Sierra Vista, Yuma (Agricultural Center)



    Arizona Demographics

    2010 U.S. Census Population: 6,392,017
    73.0% White (57.8% Non-Hispanic White Alone)
    29.6% Hispanics or Latinos
    4.1% Black or African American
    4.6% American Indian and Alaska Native
    2.8% Asian
    0.2% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
    11.9% from Some Other Race
    3.4% from Two or More Races.

    Arizona Economy

    Per capita income: $40, 828 (39th in U.S.)
    Median household income: $50,958 (22nd in U.S.)
    Leading industries: copper mining, cotton, cattle, citrus, tourism
    Personal income tax brackets: 2.87%, 3.20%, 3.74%, 4.72%, 5.04%
    State sales tax: 6.6%
    County and municipal sales taxes: 2% (on average)

    Arizona Sports

    Arizona Cardinals (Football – National Football League)
    Arizona Diamondbacks (Baseball – Major League Baseball)
    Phoenix Coyotes (Ice Hockey – National Hockey League)
    Phoenix Suns (Basketball – National Basketball Association)
    Phoenix Mercury (Basketball – Women’s National Basketball Association)
    Arizona Rattlers (Football – Arena Football League)
    Arizona Sundogs (Ice Hockey – Central Hockey League)
    Phoenix Monsoon (Soccer – Professional Arena Soccer League)
    Tucson Padres (Baseball – Pacific Coast League)
    Yuma Scorpions (Baseball – Golden Baseball League)

    Arizona State Parks

    Alamo Lake State Park
    (Established 1969)
    County: La Paz, Mohave
    Acres: 4,900
    Elevation: 1,300 ft (400 m)
    Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park
    (Established 1976)
    County: Pinal
    Acres: 323
    Elevation: 2,400 ft (730 m)
    Buckskin Mountain State Park
    (Established 1967)
    County: La Paz
    Acres: 1,677
    Elevation: 420 ft (130 m)
    Catalina State Park
    (Established 1974)
    County: Pima
    Acres: 5,493
    Elevation: 2,650 ft (810 m)
    Cattail Cove State Park
    (Established 1970)
    County: Mohave
    Acres: 2,000
    Elevation: 450 ft (140 m)
    Dead Horse Ranch State Park
    (Established 1972)
    County: Yavapai
    Acres: 423
    Elevation: 3,300 ft (1,000 m)
    Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area
    (Established 1994)
    County: Navajo
    Acres: 800
    Elevation: 6,300 ft (1,900 m)
    Fort Verde State Historic Park
    (Established 1970)

    County: Yavapai
    Acres: 11
    Elevation: 3,260 ft (990 m)
    Homolovi State Park
    (Established 1986)
    County: Navajo
    Acres: 4,500
    Elevation: 4,900 ft (1,500 m)
    Jerome State Historic Park
    (Established 1957)
    County: Yavapai
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 5,000 ft (1,500 m)
    Kartchner Caverns State Park
    (Established 1988)
    County: Cochise
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 4,700 ft (1,400 m)
    Lake Havasu State Park
    (Established 1965)
    County: Mohave
    Acres: 928
    Elevation: 480 ft (150 m)
    Lost Dutchman State Park
    (Established 1977)
    County: Pinal
    Acres: 320
    Elevation: 2,000 ft (610 m)
    Lyman Lake State Park
    (Established 1960)
    County: Apache
    Acres: 1,200
    Elevation: 6,000 ft (1,800 m)
    McFarland State Historic Park
    (Established 1974)
    County: Pinal
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 1,500 ft (460 m)
    Oracle State Park
    (Established 1986)
    County: Pinal
    Acres: 3,948
    Elevation: 3,700 ft (1,100 m)
    Patagonia Lake State Park
    (Established 1974)
    County: Santa Cruz
    Acres: 2,658
    Elevation: 3,750 ft (1,140 m)
    Picacho Peak State Park
    (Established 1965)
    County: Pinal
    Acres: 3,747
    Elevation: 2,000 ft (610 m)
    Red Rock State Park
    (Established 1986)
    County: Yavapai
    Acres: 286
    Elevation: 3,900 ft (1,200 m)
    Riordan Mansion State Historic Park
    (Established 1978)
    County: Coconino
    Acres: 5
    Elevation: 6,900 ft (2,100 m)
    Roper Lake State Park
    (Established 1972)
    County: Graham
    Acres: 338
    Elevation: 3,130 ft (950 m)
    San Rafael State Natural Area
    (Established 1999)
    County: Santa Cruz
    Acres: 3,557
    Elevation: 4,750 ft (1,450 m)
    Slide Rock State Park
    (Established 1985)
    County: Coconino
    Acres: 42
    Elevation: 4,930 ft (1,500 m)
    Sonoita Creek State Natural Area
    (Established 1994)
    County: Santa Cruz
    Acres: 9,584
    Elevation: 3,750 ft (1,140 m)
    Tombstone Courthouse State
    Historic Park

    (Established 1949)
    County: Cochise
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 4,539 ft (1,383 m)
    Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
    (Established 1969)
    County: Gila
    Acres: 161
    Elevation: 4,530 ft (1,380 m)
    Tubac Presidio State Historic Park
    (Established 1958)
    County: Santa Cruz
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 3,500 ft (1,100 m)
    Verde River Greenway State
    Natural Area

    (Established 1986)
    County: Yavapai
    Acres: 480
    Elevation: 3,300 ft (1,000 m)
    Yuma Quartermaster Depot State
    Historic Park

    (Established 1997)
    County: Yuma
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 120 ft (37 m)
    Yuma Territorial Prison State
    Historic Park

    (Established 1960)
    County: Yuma
    Acres: n/a
    Elevation: 120 ft (37 m)
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