Small Business Internet Marketing

Ways to Market a Small Business

Many effective forms of advertisement are available today, with more being introduced every year to help small businesses launch their tools, products, and services. Some of these are internet-based, a few are more traditional, and some are innovative techniques new to the marketing industry. The most effective ways to market a small business are usually […]

Google SERPs : Search Engine Rankings

10 Reasons Never to Promote Your Firm Based on Search Rankings

After spending the better part of the past five years in the Internet marketing / online advertising field, I still get a good laugh out of visiting a website and reading that they rank “number 1” for a given search term, only to find that they no longer hold that position. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my reasons for never using search rankings as a sales pitch…

Search Engine Marketing : Ken Wisnefski Founder Webimax

Internet Marketer Ken Wisnefski Explains How the Internet Has Changed Holiday Shopping

Internet marketing has changed how both consumers shop and how retailers sale, evident when comparing the significant rise in popularity of “Cyber-Monday” to the minimal rise in spending “Black-Friday” experienced in recent years…

Search Enging Optimization Outweighing Social Media

Search Engine Optimization or Social Media for Small Business? We Have a Winner! November 11, 2011 – The debate rages on. No, not Pawn Stars vs. Storage Wars. Search engine optimization vs. social media. Which is better for small-business marketing? A new survey of online marketers has an answer: SEO. Marketers polled in Webmarketing123’s 2011 State of Digital Marketing Report said SEO is their most effective source […]

List of On-site Optimization Topics

On-page Search Engine Optimization Tips

When trying to earn higher placement on search engines, and more web traffic, it’s important to get the basics right. Search engine optimization “simplified” involves the following: create a user-friendly website, pack it full of great content, and get other webmasters to link back to your website. Again, that’s super simplified. Search engines use both on and […]

20 Largest Employers in Arizona

Below is a list of the largest 20 companies in Arizona based on the number of people they employ within the state adjusted to full-time equivalents of 40-hour work weeks. Both privately and publically held, plus not-for-profit companies have made the list. The following data was gathered from each company via a self-reported questionnaire and […]

Search Engine Optimization : Long Tail versus Short Tail Search Terms

Long-Tail Searches Vs Short-Tail Searches

It’s no secret that Google knows search. In fact most wouldn’t argue that Google understands the intricacies of search better than Yahoo!, Bing, and every other search engine combined. So when Google feeds the public information about search, for example, stating that roughly 20 percent of all searches are unique queries, those who conduct Internet […]