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Phoenix Reputation Management : Internet, Social Media, Web BrandingIn today’s day in age, your online reputation is more important than ever before. In December 2009, Microsoft conducted a survey of an estimated 1,200 hiring managers and found that 79% of companies and recruiters evaluated and assessed online information about job applicants. In addition, 70% of those interviewed had in fact rejected candidates based on unfavorable information they found. This trend doesn’t only concern job seekers and human resources. Everyone from the CEO of a Forbes 100 company to the average consumer is being judged via the internet, the place where a growing number of first impressions are formed.


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Control your online image. Don’t fall victim to virtual discrimination by protecting yourself with Online Reputation Management from Phoenix Online Media.

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Internet Brand Reputation

Understanding how online reputations develop, evolve, and spread is far from an easy task. And thanks to the recent rise in social networking, people regularly share information about themselves with little thought or self-discipline, only to watch it be distributed across the web in a viral fashion.

If you’ve ever searched for your business online and found an unfavorable comment, you are not powerless. By properly managing your brand, we will prevent people who want to do business with you from seeing inaccurate, falsified, or immaterial search results. When someone searches for you, they will only find flattering and positive results, reassuring their will to engage in a business relationship.

Why do I need to manage my online reputation?

When people search for you, they are also making first impression judgements about you. Here are a few reasons you may need Online Reputation Management:

  1. Your Business is Attacked
  2. If you’ve been attacked or smeared online, you must react quickly to prevent the spread of the source. We will fight back with positive feedback and by correcting slanderous statements, and monitor your good name in case future attacks take place.

  3. Outdated Information
  4. Did you know there are often hundreds, sometimes thousands, of websites that provide information about your company? When information is old or currently inaccurate it can still exist in the form of a blog post or comment, news article, or as part of a forum discussion.

  5. Negative Content
  6. Similarly to outdated information, negative content can exist in a variety of formats. In addition to the aforementioned forms, you may also find that bad reviews, regardless of the accuracy or relevance, or unbecoming photographs are causing serious damage to your image.

  7. Mistaken Identity
  8. It happens more than you might think. Information about some other person who shares either your name, or has a similar business name to yours, is mistakenly provided to people searching for you. Whether that person is an undesirable or just an average Joe, you will want your business and name to be entirely separate.

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