Creating SEO-Friendly Webpages

Onsite Content Publication: SEO Friendly Content

Are your webpages SEO-friendly? Are your
entry pages designed to build interest in your
website, or do they drive traffic away?

SEO-friendly webpages don’t typically build themselves. Properly creating a webpage that search engines find favorable usually requires a comprehensive understanding of which on-site search optimization elements Google, Yahoo!, and Bing take into consideration when ranking a site.

A common mistake that novice SEOs make is to complete meta-tags and leave it at that; forgetting, sometimes neglecting, to create compelling content or interlink pages.

meta-tag – Meta-tags are page titles, descriptions, and keywords intended for describing and interpreting the contents of a webpage to search engines.

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Many web-design firms will create a website with little to no attention given to the onsite SEO aspects that make a website successful. Some will use meta-data, putting the right keywords in the right places, but this will do little good if the content cannot be accessed by search engine crawlers; while others will do the exact opposite, creating informative well mapped-out webpages only to leave meta-titles, -descriptions, and -keywords out.

Onsite Entry Pages and Exit Pages

The first page that a website visitor sees is ideally a well thought out entry page, and the last page that a visitor sees is an exit page. Remember that website traffic doesn’t always land on the homepage first, any page that where a user lands, whether it is from a search query or click through from another website, can potentially be an entry page.

For Internet marketing firms there is a great deal of importance to be bestowed upon entry pages. Because an entry page is the first page web-visitors will view, it is vital to make a good first impression. A good entry page will connect visitors to a website’s main topics, products, or services.

You might find that a blog post you’ve published attracts a significant amount of traffic. At this point you may want to edit your post to make it appeal to a wider audience. This will reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversions.

Much ado with entry pages is testing and monitoring different on-page elements, with the ultimate goal of increasing business, capturing a lead, or simply keeping the visitor onsite longer. The best way to track activity is through an analytics program, the service that Phoenix Online Media uses for all of its clients is Google Analytics.