Multimedia Integration Package

If you want to get a leg up on the competition, you need to improve and expand upon your online presence. To help businesses with addressing this issue, Phoenix Online Media has orchestrated a favorable and advantageous Multimedia Integration Package. Our system is designed to do everything from making your website perform better to ensuring your online presence is a reputable one.

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Here’s what you get:

SEO Analysis: In effort to better understand your line of business, we assign a Search Engine Marketing Manager to not only conduct a full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis of your website, but to study your major competitors along with industry trends.

Keyword Analysis & Research: You cannot reach your desired website conversion potential without first knowing which keywords/terms searchers are using to best describe your business. A proper keyword analysis involves hours of researching search trends, the overall competitiveness of terms, and competitor usage of keywords.

Onsite Optimization: Your Search Engine Marketing Manager will analyze the main landing pages of your website to ensure they are completely optimized for the search engines. This is a vital part of a successful online marketing campaign, if not done properly, you could lose out on significant website traffic.

*Up to 10 pages are included with the price. Each additional page is $50.00

Published Landing Pages: To help attract new customers to your website, 5 new landing pages are created based on keywords/terms that will attract the most traffic to your website. An Onsite Content Marketing Specialist will work with our Editorial Team to ensure appropriate information is added and optimized for search engines.

*Up to 5 pages are included with the price. Each additional page is $150.00

Blog Installation & Design: If you do not already have blogging software installed on your website, we will take the liberty of uploading WordPress CMS and redesigning the theme to match your current website. If you already have blogging software installed, we will make sure your back-end settings are appropriately configured for optimal online marketing results, plus we will load you up with the latest and greatest plugins for your blog.

Online Profile Check: Is your business all that it can socially be? If not, don’t worry. Our skilled Web-Technicians search the web for your existing online profiles to check and make sure that your profiles are claimed and that your contact information, website address, and that the overview of your company is up to date.

Twitter & Facebook Accounts: When is the last time you updated your Facebook Wall, or added a tweet to your Twitter page? If it’s been a while, we can help by giving each of your accounts a facelift and setting them up to regularly post Likes and Tweets. If you don’t have either a Facebook or Twitter account yet, we’ll set them up for you at no additional charge.

Business Alerts & Notifications: Who’s talking about you and your business? Know whenever anyone hints at your name when we set you up with regular notifications from Google Alerts. This is a great way to meet new business contacts and to promptly defend yourself if someone speaks badly about your company.

Email Template: Stay connected to your clients, vendors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders by regularly sending them email updates using a custom designed email template that will match your website and blog. Ask your account manager about conducting Email Marketing for your business.

Free Website Analysis



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