Search Engine Optimization Basics

Affordable SEO in PhoenixSearch engine optimization basics are the foundation of any SEO website strategy.

While it’s easy to get caught up trying to understand the latest and greatest of SEO Internet marketing strategies and systems, you must first understand the basics of search engine optimization to be successful.

By knowing these basics, you can build a solid foundation to help your website endure changing algorithms and advances in search engines.

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Onsite SEO Basics

So let’s learn about search engine optimization basics first. Once you pass that test, you can move forward into more advanced strategies. The SEO basics we will discuss involve on-site and off-site optimization. On-site SEO optimization is what it sounds like. These are search engine optimization techniques on your website.

On-site optimization involves both the content on and the site structure of your website. Let’s start with the on-site content first. You want to make sure you are using keyword-focused content on your site. You should research and use search terms which give you the best chance of obtaining high search engine rankings. Placement of these keywords is also important. Search engine optimization basics tell us that your key search terms need to show up in your html tags, within your body content, in titles, and in images you use on your website.

On-site SEO optimization also includes your website’s structure. Your site’s structure needs to be friendly to search engine spiders. What do we mean by that? Try to make sure your website is only three tiers deep (each page is 2 clicks from the home page), and that a spider can easily crawl your site by following html links. When you have a very large website, include site map to help ensure all pages can be found and crawled by search engine spiders.

Offsite SEO Basics

Next, our discussion on search engine optimization basics looks at off-site optimization. This type of Internet marketing SEO strategy involves what goes on off of your website and can also be thought of as a SEO link strategy. Search engine rankings are connected with your link popularity. When a website links to you, it is recommending your content to its visitors. That is why off-site search engine optimization is important.

Some basics of search engine optimization when it comes to a linking strategy involve where you get links and the type of links. Inbound links can come from articles, press releases, blogs, directories, and reciprocal link exchanges. The best strategy for building backlinks involves obtaining these links from high-quality, relevant websites in your industry. The text that is in the link (known as the anchor text) should also be the main keyword from the page on your website that is receiving the link.

These on-site and off-site search engine optimization basics are tactics that have worked in the past and will most likely continue to work in the future. They will build a solid foundation of any SEO website strategy. And if you use these basics of search engine optimization correctly, you increase your chances of obtaining high search engine rankings.

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