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Keyword Research Basics

Keyword Research starts SEO strategies

Keyword research tips and tools are important to understand when you are adding content to your website or blog. If you are not choosing the proper keywords when writing website pages or blog posts, then you are dooming your pages to the bottom of earch engine results.

Too often website owners and bloggers think of themselves as writers creating a piece of art that’s only use is to be read. Instead, you should follow these keyword research tips and think of your content as a tool that is designed to do a job. That job is to educate your readers, improve your search engine rankings, attract visitors, and to add value to your website.

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Good keyword research begins with brainstorming. Sit down with a piece of paper or at your computer and make a list of keywords and keyword phrases that people might use to search for a service, product, or business like yours. Perform an online search of your own and research keywords your competitors are using. You can review the competition’s content, their meta tags, their titles, and even perform a check of their inbound links to discover keyword phrases.

Conduct A Competitor Analysis

Another keyword research tip for this brainstorming session is to take a look at blogs, forums, and sites like Yahoo! Answers for content that is relevant to your industry. Additionally, complete a query on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing and then look at their suggestions for related keywords, these are often keyword jackpots. Performing comprehensive preliminary research will help you be more efficient when you go to the next step.

The next step is to do the actual researching of high performing keywords using some of the tools available online. Some online keyword tools you can use are SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool, WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery, Google’s Keyword Tool, and Wordze. I’ll use SEO Book’s tool & Google’s tool most often, but the others are good too. While this stage of keyword phrase research might not be fun, it is essential.

Using keyword research tools can help you find some of the hidden gems that other websites might pass over. Often these long-tail keywords can help you rank high on search engines faster than only using the most popular key phrases in your content. So take the time to research and analyze the content data these tools deliver.

Following the above keyword research tips is a good way to get started producing keyword-focused content that is essential for your organic search engine optimization efforts. While researching the terms that your visitors are searching for is not as fun as writing the content for your website and blog, it is the most important step in the process. And remember, taking the time to sharpen the ax makes the job of chopping down the tree a much easier one.

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