Ways to Market a Small Business

Many effective forms of advertisement are available today, with more being introduced every year to help small businesses launch their tools, products, and services. Some of these are internet-based, a few are more traditional, and some are innovative techniques new to the marketing industry. The most effective ways to market a small business are usually based on the audience to be targeted, demographic information, and the advertising/marketing budget for that business. Here are two well-known examples:

Small Business Internet Marketing

When it comes to marketing your small business, you have two main choices - traditional markeing or internet marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques

The SEO approach is one of the most popular amongst small businesses around the world, mostly because it uses the Internet to reach a vast audience with the ability to target based on keywords. Someone searching for a particular type of small business, service, tool, or product simply enters a term into a search engine and gets results, so the goal of SEO marketing is to get information about a particular business high enough in the search engine results that people notice it.

SEO techniques involve posting blogs, articles, videos, and forum postings (to name a few) in different places on the Internet. For example, if someone types “Scottsdale whiplash injury chiropractor” they likely want to see specialists located in Scottsdale, so the goal of SEO marketing for a whiplash chiropractor in Scottsdale is to use phrases like this to attract visitors to the website or clinic contact information. This method is popular because it is very effective when done correctly.

Traditional Marketing Techniques

More traditional marketing techniques, such as newspapers, magazines, fliers, bulletins, and billboards, are also effective when utilized correctly. However, these only reach a small target audience, based for the most part on distribution and location. For instance, placing an ad in a New York newspaper for the same Scottsdale whiplash injury chiropractor would be pointless because it would not reach the right audience—but showcasing an ad in downtown Scottsdale would likely lead to new patients.

Traditional techniques are still very popular though, especially for business owners who are unfamiliar with Internet techniques or those who are trying to reach an older audience. Many representatives of the older generation do not use the Internet to find what they need to the extent seen in younger generations, and for these magazines and newspapers are a more effective approach. This marketing method is appropriate for those who want to target an audience who would not use another method, and it can be cost-efficient in some cases, such as in smaller towns or for very specific tools, services, and products.

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