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The statistics regarding mobile website usage are alarming for anyone who operates a business website that isn’t multi-device friendly. Did you know that as of October 2014 there are officially more mobile devices than people in the world! But it’s not just having a mobile device responsive website that business owners need to concern themselves with. It’s the fact that many smartphone and tablet users are shopping via downloaded apps – approximately half of all American smartphone users use a shopping app during any given month, according to MarketingPilgrim.

Now is the time to go mobile and Phoenix Online Media can help!

Mobile Device Ready

mobile optimization

Regardless of the device used, including smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops, your website will look amazing!

Expand Your Reach

expand mobile reach

Did you know that 61% of people surveyed have a better opinion of brands when their website is mobile optimized?

Easy Navigation

mobile optimized

Your new mobile design makes it easy for customers to contact you and/or buy your products right from their smart phones.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?


How does your website come up in mobile?

If a potential customer visits your website only to find it won’t render properly on his/her phone or device, you may very well have lost a sale. This scenario plays out every single day for countless business owners, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Especially, when considering a mobile-friendly website provided by Phoenix Online Media is not only affordable, but cost-effective when taking into account the amount of money you’re leaving on the table by not providing your customers with a responsive web-platform. When converting your website to a mobile one, we take the following design aspects into consideration. Please contact us to learn more about the associated benefits.

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Would You like a mobile site test?

We can run a series of mobile optimization tests on your site and provide you with a summary of our findings.
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More details on our mobile optimization services:

We believe it has become imperative to focus on your mobile…

The mobile revolution is here. Below are details on our Mobile Optimization services, including the processes used to share content, get users to link to your mobile website, and ensure that it is user friendly. We carefully abide by all mobile search engine requirements, best practices, and acceptable mobile search optimization behavior.