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Pay-per-click advertising rates are typically setup on a bidding system. The highest bidder gets the better position, but recently, ad networks have introduced rate reductions for factors such as page relevancy, click through rate (CTR), and the amount of time a user spends on your site after they click on an ad.

This essentially rewards advertisers for creating high quality resources and developing appealing ads. This makes it possible for an advertiser to spend less on advertising by better serving and addressing the needs of visitors. This can also make the first ad position cost less than the second.

How to Start

ppc ad creation

Our team creates ad campaigns that target specific search traffic pertaining to your services; sending customers to your website.

Attract Consumers

ppc attract more consumers

Paying per click is a fast and successful way to put your business in front of buyers, helping to drive more online sales.

How Much?

ppc budget

We set a budget for your business and then bid on how much to pay per click until we’ve reached your spending limit.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work?

You attract new business by paying per lead…

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the process of placing your ads within search results and on relevant websites via a paid search marketing network, such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Bing Network, formerly Microsoft adCenter, Facebook Advertising, to name just a few (see more below). Our pay-per-click managers are experts in reducing costs and taking advantage of advertising opportunities.

PPC advertising can be incredibly effective, because your ads are placed on highly targeted search result pages or third party website pages and you only pay for results; in other words, clicks through to your website. Depending on your exposure, you could easily get hundreds, if not thousands and in some cases millions, of ad impressions free and only incur a cost when a user clicks on your ad and is redirected to your website’s landing page.

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There are many strategies to making your PPC campaign as effective as possible. Click to learn more about how PPC could generate more revenue for your business.
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A List of the Most Notable Advertising Networks

The right networks will put you in front of the most consumers…

Below is a list of the most popular Pay-Per-Click Advertisers. By picking the right networks, or a combination of more than one, you ensure you will be seen by the most consumers possible. The best part is you only pay for the clicks that bring the customer to your landing page!

Pay-Per-Click Vs Organic Search Placement

Pay-per-click has its advantages, namely the ability to get immediate first page visibility for search results. Organic SEO also has its advantages, such as clicks are free and people are more likely to select organic results over a paid listing. The best practice however, is to have a balanced marketing plan that utilizes a combination of organic and PPC exposure.

For many, PPC campaigns can become far more effective when they appear alongside organic results. This is especially true when a bid for a two- or three-position keyword appears above a top three organic position – essentially this provides two links to the client’s website above the page fold.

One thing to note is that PPC advertising on Google, Yahoo! Bing, Facebook, etc., will not improve your organic ranking for the same keywords. In order to rank your website for competitive terms, you must properly conduct onsite optimization, including proper tagging and creation of informative content.