Free Ways to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Radar Monitoring Reputation
Your online reputation is extremely important. In fact, your reputation online can have the power to make or break your business. A good online reputation is usually built through consistency – positive reviews, blog/forum comments, blog posts, profiles and news articles can be used to successfully establish and grow your business’s reputation. Those same exact things can also be used to damage credibility, authority, influence, and negatively affect the bottom line.

One of the best tactics you can use to keep your online reputation in good shape is to routinely listen to online chatter that relates to your organization, and if needed, make changes to your business based on your findings. Online monitoring is worth the effort, because it can keep you in touch with what’s happening in the world and help you improve the way you do business. Fortunately, monitoring your reputation isn’t expensive, there are several free reputation-monitoring tools that you can use to ensure you know what’s being said about you and/or your business. Through consistency, monitoring and reacting you can help control what is being said online about your services and products.

Here are a Few Free Ways You Can Monitor Your Reputation Daily

Check out TweetDeck

TweetDeck provides a simple way to explore a variety of conversations and searches from one location. It is a real-time social browser that works with Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. You can use their dashboard in multiple locations, including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. The power of TweetDeck and other similar social media tools like HootSuite, CoTweet or Seesmic offers the ability and convenience to instantly see tweets, conversations, comments, or feedback that relate to you, your brand and keywords and phrases.

Search the Most Popular Review Websites

There are a long list of review websites throughout the world. There are niche specific sites like TripAdvisor and review sites geared towards service orientated businesses like Angie’s List. Here’s a list of 19 Online Review Sites┬ácompliments of HubSpot, it’s a good start. Don’t forget about The Rip Off Report, Pissed Consumer and any industry specific sites you may know of. It’s highly likely that you’ll find reviews on review sites while searching for your brand or name on search engines, or by using the other aforementioned websites, but since you’re online reputation is important, it’s worth it to “go all out,” because it may take a day or two for a Google alert, or you might miss something somewhere else. If nothing else, remember this – there are two sides to every story, and if you choose not to respond to a negative review, readers are only going to hear one-side of that story, which may not be good for business or your online reputation. There are certainly times when it’s best not to respond to a negative review, but in most cases, you’re better of responding.