Great Websites to Help Build a Good Online Reputation

Five Stars Written on a Screen Representing a Good Reputation

Online reputation management (ORM) is vital to every company, not just large organizations. You should think about your company’s online reputation from day one, before anything negative is published about it online. Trust me when I tell you that it’s worth the resources, and it’s a lot easier to protect your reputation than to restore it.

I’ll be the first to admit that some companies deserve a bad name and a bad online reputation. Some care more about profits than keeping promises and providing good products and services. However, the majority of companies work hard every day to provide their customers with the best products and services they can. They work day and night to please each and every customer, but unfortunately bad things do happen. It doesn’t matter why. It just happens and it’s not always something that can easily be fixed. For those unlucky companies or individuals, that unhappy customer may turn to the internet to vent their frustrations and ultimately tarnish that company’s good name.

This post isn’t meant to teach you how to remove bad reviews, because in reality, and in most cases – you can’t. Companies that promise otherwise are usually lying. This post isn’t meant to show you how to repair your reputation either, because there’s a lot more to repairing an organizations reputation than creating a few profiles online.

This post is meant to show you a few ways to help better protect the value of your brand. It’s meant to help with online reputation management. Below is a list of websites you can use to create company profiles, highlight your accomplishments, publish your testimonials, create informational pages, and talk about the good things your company does daily. These sites can help protect your brand and will show up when people search for information about your company. Many of these sites are used by professional reputation management agencies as part of their overall campaign. You probably have a few company or individual profiles on some of these sites.

Websites That Offer Business Profiles

Keep in mind that some of the websites above are social media websites and that if you’re not going to stay active on a social platform, it’s better to avoid it all together. In addition to the profile sites listed above, look for industry specific websites that allow for profiles. As an example Avvo is a great place for lawyers and is a great place for physicians. In almost every industry there are niche websites that allow profiles. These niche websites profiles are often better for your business than general company profile websites. One more  time – make sure everything on every profile looks professional and clean. You’ll never know when and where your next customer will find you, so make sure your reputation looks stellar wherever your brand is mentioned.