50 Remarkable Logos & Why They’re Unforgettable

Great logos serve as a brand’s ambassador. Logos do not need to be complex or include amazing graphics, but they do need to be memorable, and many great logos help reinforce the brand’s service or product offerings. If you are in the market for a new or updated company logo, look to some superb examples for inspiration.

Here is a look at 50 great logos, as well as some insight as to why people consider them great. These examples include simple font logos, logos with symbols or icons of a company’s name, stylistic logos, and those that incorporate animals. These logos are not listed in any particular order; but they are all prime examples of logos the world can recognize and you can look to for inspiration.

17 Great Name Logos

The following list includes corporate logos considered great because the designs are instantly recognizable and closely linked to the company each represents.

17 Great Stylistic Logos

Stylistic logos are those derived from the name or mission of a company. Companies such as Apple use the fruit to show innovation, as a symbol of the apple that fell from a tree and inspired Sir Isaac Newton. Consider other examples of stylistic logos that are great because they are iconic symbols of their companies.

16 Great Animal-themed Logos

There are several examples of great logos that feature animals. Animals can show the strength of a company, such as the eagle logo for American Eagle Outfitters. It can also be a symbol of speed, such as the jaguar of the iconic car brand, Jaguar Cars. Here are examples of 16 great animal-themed logos.

Simple Abercrombie & Fitch Logo with grey background
American Eagle Outfitters Logo with white background
Text based Banana Republic Logo with white background
Exxon Logo with white background and red text
Great Ferrari Logo with white background
perfectly designed Firefox Logo with orange & blue background
Goose Island Beer Logo with black background
Simple Jaguar Logo with black background
Lacoste Logo with white background
Panda Express Logo with white background
Passionate Playboy Logo with white background
Polo Ralph Lauren Logo with white background
Puma Logo with white background
RCA Logo with red background and white text
Creative Twitter Logo with white background
Creative WWF Logo with white background

A logo does not have to be spammy or cheesy to be effective. Your logo should be a strong representation of your brand. The example above should provide you with a bit of inspiration as far as what “works.” The options are endless, however, so feel free to get creative and implement a logo that will have people talking about your company. Good, bad, or indifferent, being talked about is just good business, so let your logo lead the way.