What Are the Best Things to Include in a Business Logo?

Having a custom logo created for your business can do wonders for your market presence. It is an excellent way to help your brand stand out from its competitors. However, you want that new logo to stand out in a positive way, not as something that people remember as being ill conceived or amateurish. Plenty of bad logos can serve as lessons, and one principle lesson is that a logo does not have to be complex. Below you’ll find some of the best features to include in your new business logo.

Thought and Time

If you are in a rush to create a logo, you will surely end up with a terrible one. The worst logos are the ones created in a rush with little thought or planning; an effective logo often takes a designer a long time to create, with many revisions. Find a designer you are comfortable with, one that understands you are not going to accept something until you feel it is perfect for your brand.


Great logos are simple in design and message; think Nike and Apple, which feature easily recognizable designs. A spammy logo includes too much in the design. There should be no taglines, website addresses, or phone numbers in your logo, because all these data points are subject to change. While a tagline sometimes accompanies a logo for marketing purposes, do not confuse this with the logo itself.

The Right Colors

Colors can work great in a logo, but be sure to remember the principle of simplicity. Adding too many colors to a logo can appear unprofessional if not done well. Some of the best brands feature just one added color, such as Coca-Cola with red and Starbucks with green. To go beyond that, consider a unique color not often seen in logos, in an effort to stand out.


A logo needs to be versatile. If it looks great on the Web but terrible on printed materials, a portion of your marketing is going to suffer. In addition, if you have color in your logo, it should also be attractive if printed in black and white, as color graphics may not always be available to you. The logo should also be discernible at a variety of different sizes. If it is so rich in detail that customers cannot tell what it is in its shrunken state, you have failed in creating an all-encompassing logo.


Above all, your logo should be unique. Using cookie-cutter software and standard fonts for a logo is not likely to result in something that cements your brand in the hearts and minds of the public. The best logo tells a story about a company’s culture, and custom fonts can set it apart from the crowd.

As you set out to create the perfect logo for your business, remember that logos do not need to be sales pitches. By following the aforementioned suggestions, you can help build your brand with a memorable company logo.