Things Everyone Should Consider When Developing a Brand’s Logo

Business owners have many things to consider when deciding on a logo, and determining the different ways to use a logo. A logo is a very important component of a company’s overall marketing and branding strategy. It allows customers to identify a brand’s products and business name just by glancing at it. However, equally as important are the steps involved when deciding on the various elements to incorporate into a logo. Below are some key things to consider when creating your logo.


When deciding on a logo based on your intended demographics, begin by performing a thorough analysis of your overall market segmentation, and know how many market segments desire your product or service. Your logo needs to appeal to the right groups, while also having crossover appeal to all segments, at least to some extent.

Colors Schemes

Be sure to determine the best color scheme for your logo. According to Rachel Gillet, consumers are sensitive to different colors. Business owners can take advantage of this to help move products or services. Referred to by Gillet as natural tendencies, consumers are affected by colors they see in relation to a business. Before coming up with your logo, take time to learn what various colors represent and how you can use them to appeal to your target market. A few examples are below.

  • Red: Red sparks feelings of love, spurns the appetite, and invokes a sense of urgency.
  • Green: Green is a symbol of both health and nature, and it is naturally associated with money and wealth. Green also provides somewhat of a calming effect.
  • Blue: Blue normally attracts males more so than females, representing a symbol of productivity, security, and tranquility.
  • Yellow: Yellow is an intense color. It stimulates the nervous system as well as the brain. Yellow represents happiness and optimism, and it is widely used to grab attention.
  • Orange: Orange is a symbol of caution, warning, and implied aggression. Orange is an excellent color to use for calls to action.
  • Purple: Purple is the color of royalty and wealth. It also offers a calming effect and is associated with beauty-related products.

Other Considerations

Once you have an appealing logo, use it on various social media platforms to help build a brand for your business. You can also use your logo when launching websites and favicons.

Careful thought and attention should go into developing a logo, as it plays a very instrumental part in building your image and brand. A great logo is a reflection of your business in all forms of print and digital media.