Choosing a great logo design for a large corporation

Logos communicate to a company’s clients even before the consumer logs on to the website or walks through the company doors. It is important for a logo to give a good impression of a corporation, as well as what it represents. Much depends on this one image; hence, corporations should select their logos wisely, taking into account how text, typeface, color, and imagery relate to the company’s mission and vision. Different logo styles suit different types of companies, so a bit of research is necessary.

What Logo Colors Mean

Colors evoke feelings, and feelings evoke action. Choosing the right colors for your logo is something to put great thought into, as consumers are going to react (or not react) based on how they feel about your logo.

  • Red is associated with intensity. Red logos communicate passion, trust, love, power, and aggressiveness. Famous companies with red logos include YouTube and Red Bull.
  • Blue is associated with depth and stability of the sea and the sky. Blue communicates comfort, faith, understanding, clarity, and trust. Companies with blue logos include Samsung and Ford.
  • Yellow is associated with energy and the joy of sunshine. Yellow logos communicate energy and zeal. Companies with yellow logos include Ferrari.
  • Green is associated with the peace of nature. Green conveys calmness, peace, and trust. Companies with green logos include John Deere.
  • Purple represents royalty. It communicates glamour, power, and romance. Companies with purple logos include Yahoo.
  • Orange is associated with happiness and fun. Orange communicates enthusiasm, creativity, and determination. Companies with orange logos include Mozilla Firefox.
  • Black is associated with formality and the mystery of night. Black conveys boldness and seriousness. Companies with black logos include BlackBerry.

Aspects of a Great Company Logo

Logos help build brand awareness in potential customers. Look at the top companies around the globe and you are sure to notice that their logos have penetrated the consciousness of the consumer market. Customers are aware of the logos and recognize them right away.

The popularity of a company is essential to selecting the right logo style. Logo design creation involves evaluating the size of the company, as some logos are more suited for large corporations while others are better for smaller enterprises. Large enterprises can make an impression without using words, while small startups are better served incorporating text into their logos.

Consider the future aspirations of the company when creating a logo design. If the company has plans to grow to a multinational brand, it is advisable to use a brand mark style for a logo from the beginning.

Additionally, the length of a company’s name is an important aspect in determining a suitable logo design. Companies with lengthy names should consider a logo style that builds the brand around two or three letters. In instances where the corporation’s name is not long enough, using the emblem logo design to position the company name inside a shape is most efficient. Consider the best typefaces to use for the text on the form. Start by identifying the most attractive logo designs in the industry in which the company operates.